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11/20China to lead nuclear energy growth, says economist
11/10China's largest uranium mine reports more deposits
11/10China considers shale gas zone in Sichuan
11/01China expected to invest $1bn in Russian solar energy
11/01China Invested $267B In Clean Energy From 2008 To 2013
11/01China Rushes to Harness Wind While Government Still Pays
11/01Sino-Russian Nuclear Power Pact Caps Banner Year of Moscow-Beijing Deals...
11/01Pakistan, China join hands for solar power
11/01EU Trade Sanctions Soon To Rectify Solar Glass Price
10/24China Cuts Forecast for Offshore Wind Power by 60%
10/24China Solar Policy Being Implemented, Says J.P. Morgan
10/24China's leading solar firm files for bankruptcy protection in U.S.
10/21China to Phase Out Financial Support for Solar Power Sector by 2020
10/21Tesla cars not a good fit for China, says scholar
10/21Chinese group officially selected to build two new nuclear reactors in...
10/21 China Wind-Service Market Seen Surging With $3 Billion Spending
10/21EU clean tech sector losing ground to China and Japan
09/30China Voice: No political will, no climate pact
09/30Foxconn Will Build A $15,000 EV For China
09/30 Hareon Solar planning 200MW of PV project collaboration in Xinjiang
09/30Sindh gets $130m Chinese investment in wind power
09/19Global offshore wind power to reach 40GW by 2020
09/19China beating U.S., E.U. in renewable energy investment
09/19China joins nations eyeing India's civil nuclear sector
09/19DuPont PV Solutions and Yingli Solar collaborate on solar power project ...
09/10Hareon Solar plans 1GW PV project partnership through 2016
09/10Foxconn Building $814 Million Battery Factory
09/10GCL New Energy in Early Talks for Possible Solar Joint Venture
09/10China General Nuclear plans $2 billion Hong Kong IPO
09/10Canadian Solar partners on $800 million solar fund in China
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