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We are the leading source for global green news, finance, and other resources in delivering green and renewable energy to mainstream business.

The green sector has grown in recent years from the foundations of advocacy into a cornerstone of the world economy. Sustainable development continues to transform from an ideology into a necessity. Business conducted in the green marketplace is expected to continue growing exponentially.

Ecoseed’s mission is to provide global, complete, innovative, and up to date news, information, resources, and opportunities, catalyst to incorporate environmental awareness and responsibility into lifestyle, and in business practices. is the world's first and only global green website focused on bridging sustainability and the future it holds for the businesses community.

At we do our upmost in pioneering to provide the best in services, features and interactivity, including...

  • World-class news and financial data coverage, from a journalistic beat system, which highlight organizations that are dedicated to sustainable development, ranging from new energy alternatives to emerging technologies.

  • A Marketplace for Green trading inclusive of products and services; jobs, events and an extensive business to business directory.

  • A social networking platform called the Community, an interactive meeting place for the green community, which provides a venue for sharing ideas, creating groups, posting blogs, participating in discussions and uploading pictures, audio and videos.

Through value added services and features, our priority is to keep our readers informed of Green and Renewable Energy activities and development worldwide and, in essence, bridging readers closer to the emerging economy of Green and Renewable Energy.

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Either in keeping up with the latest or in search for more specific information and resources on Green and Renewable Energy, is the premier website for all your information needs. Combining Business and Green has never been made easier.

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