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08/22China's energy consumption to peak by 2035: report
04/02China sets energy use target for 2016
03/15Xinjiang's new energy generating capacity to double in 2020
03/15China to eliminate outdated coal production capacity by 60 mln tonnes in...
10/24UK visit showcases EU-China ties
08/10China Approves Renewable Energy Zone in Zhangjiakou City
07/09Climate goal calls for push on solar, wind
06/26China seeks to turn its potential wind and solar power into a reality
06/21State Power Investment Corp. names senior leaders
06/06 China leads the way out of coal smog and into clean renewables
04/30EU-China solar trade tariffs set for extension
04/26Pakistan to get five nuclear reactors from China
04/16China's corporates urged to adopt green energy
03/28Non-Fossil Fuel Sources Provide 25% of China’s Electricity
01/17Report: renewables to grow faster than fossil fuels in 2015
12/27China Sees Boost to Share of Low Emission Fuels, Xinhua Says
12/08China to attract more social fund in energy sectors
11/20China unveils energy strategy, targets for 2020
11/20China's polluted clouds may have a copper lining
11/01China Invested $267B In Clean Energy From 2008 To 2013
10/21EU clean tech sector losing ground to China and Japan
09/30China Voice: No political will, no climate pact
09/19China beating U.S., E.U. in renewable energy investment
07/26Urumqi under construction as a Low-carbon Pilot City
07/07West China, cloud and rising energy prices
06/30China faces tough task in energy revolution
06/20UK signs climate change agreement with China during Premier's visit
06/20PM signs with China on nuclear power, oil, climate
06/16Xi's call for 'energy revolution' supported
06/16China's mixed ownership reform advances against headwinds
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