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06/19China's first bioenergy research center inaugurated in Nanning
06/16BP: China overtakes OECD countries with demand for energy
06/16Outlook positive for a clean green China
06/11World's Carbon Emissions Climb 1.6% on Chinese Coal
06/11Inner Mongolia's wind power industry weathering economic downturn
06/05Carbon capture boom unlikely across China -Gore
06/05Foreigners swept aside as wind power blows through China
06/05China outpaces US in cleaner coal-fired plants
06/05China's wind power installed capacity is expected to exceed 30,000...
06/05China to Encourage Solar Use
06/05Polysilicon is a harsh mistress
06/04Chinese thin film solar module producer focuses on the German market
06/03Sunvim Shifts Textiles Fund to Thin-Film Solar Project
06/03China's wind power installed capacity is expected to exceed 30,000...
05/31China ranks 4th in wind power capacity
05/31China ranks 4th in wind power capacity
05/26China Stimulus spending won't endanger environment
05/26China, world's 4th in wind power capacity
05/22China solar cos offer gloomy outlooks, shares fall
05/21Greener cars get cash infusion
05/21Shanghai's "crayfish street" faces clean of customers
05/21Jiangsu Province approves two rooftop PV projects
05/21Suntech to supply modules for 1MW Swiss PV project
05/21Solarfun says 2009 sales to rebound off Q1 results as CEO resigns
05/21China's polysilicon to be oversupplied at 30,000t in 2009
05/21More cash, less gas emissions - China
05/20Suntech Starts First 1MW+ Rooftop Solar Project in Jiangsu
05/20Datang to build 200MW wind farm in China
05/20China Resources plans to increase wind power capacity
05/20Scotland's wind power firms urged to set sights on China
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