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12/23China ended up as a useful scapegoatComments
12/18China the new challenger for world wind leadership
12/16Offshore Wind Makes Sense for China
12/16China Closes In On US In Renewable Energy Race - Ernst & Young
12/16Copenhagen: why can't we write off Third World debt at the same as...
12/14Summit Is Seen as U.S. Versus China
12/14At Climate Talks, a Week of Posturing
12/11Chinese wind power firms grow
12/09Carbon Intensity Reduction Could Curb China’s Appetite for Oil and Coal
12/07What does China want from Copenhagen?
12/04Coal-burning China invests in methane capture
12/04China May Lead Mergers in Asia Clean Energy, Stanchart Says
12/04Clean energy most beneficiary area for US-China cooperation
12/04Slowing growth does not deter China's wind power's long-term promise
12/04China pushes solar, wind power development
12/04China solar panel makers see boost from Copenhagen
12/04Fair wind blows for China's Longyuan Power
12/03China's environmental protection companies to benefit from government...
12/03What is China's "carbon intensity" target?
12/03Where Do China’s Emissions Come From?
12/03China Now Spending $9 Billion a Month on Renewable energy
12/01Fund managers expect China to boost clean energy investments
12/01China wary about reform as doubts hit CDM market
12/01Asian Nations Set to Dominate the Clean Energy Race
12/01China pushes solar, wind power development
12/01Low-carbon urbanization is way forward for China
12/01China, U.S.eyes more cooperation in clean energy field, challenges still...
12/01Renewable energy costs drop in '09
12/01New clean energy policies target U.S- China trade balance
12/01Subtle but important shifts in global warming positions announced by U.S...
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