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10/19China cuts sulfur dioxide emissions by 5.4 pct year-on-year in H1
09/28Official backs market pricing for renewables
09/28China to launch domestic carbon trading pilot program
09/27Jiangxi Co Inks RMB 1.5b Solar Project
09/27Wu Bangguo urges clean energy cooperation between China, US
09/27China urges developed countries to massively cut emissions
09/27China Sets 15% Renewable Energy Target
09/27China vows firm position on nuke safety
09/27China to levy pollution tax on vehicles
09/27China Urged to Subsidize 'New Energy' Vehicles
09/27China to Build More Nuclear Plants, Japan Steel Says
09/27China airport to set 'green' rules for vehicle fleets
09/27Heavy polluters in Shenzhen to face hefty fines, monitoring
09/27China adheres to green commitment: official
09/27China working on measures to boost coal bed methane extraction
09/27China to limit exports of key minerals used in clean energy, computers
09/27Beijing bans entry of polluting vehicles
09/27China to Set Up State Fund to Increase Use of Renewable Energy
09/27China's NDRC to subsidize loans for raw material imports
09/10China endorses resolution on climate change
09/10China's Top Legislature Considers Draft Amendment to Renewable Energy...
09/10Moving forward with carbon capture plans
09/10China study urges greenhouse gas peak in 2030
09/10China to mull draft resolution on climate change
09/10China seen looking to bigger climate change steps
09/10China orders environmental evaluation on new projects
09/10China plans for renewable energy
09/10China to Roll Out New Polysilicon Standards
09/10China says must reduce emissions, but mentions no targets
09/10Dezhou highlights proactive energy efficiency
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