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12/04Zhejiang province pays 0.7 yuan/kWh subsidies for solar power
12/04China to put 2010 economic stress on climate change
12/04China to issue guidance on poly-crystalline silicon sector
12/04Climate talks need to set pollution caps
12/04China steps up anti-pollution measures
12/03Jiuquan's wind power capacity to reach 2 mln kW in 2009
12/03China to Defer Releasing Renewable Energy Development Plan
12/03China to build green energy bases in western regions
12/03China to put 2010 economic stress on climate change
12/03China to Double Environmental Budget to $454 Billion
12/03China doubles electricity surcharge to aid clean energy
12/03Beijing to take measure of renewable energy sector
11/27Measures for Operation and Management of Clean Development Mechanism...
11/27China's National Climate Change Program
11/27Circular Economy Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China
11/27Cleaner Production Promotion Law
11/27The medium to long-term renewable energy development plan
11/27Notice regarding the Printing and Distribution of Regulations on the...
11/27Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of...
11/27Law of the People's Republic of China on Environmental Protection
11/27Energy-Saving Law
11/27The Renewable Energy Law
11/09Polluting Industries Banned from Pearl River Delta
11/04Beijing to drop 70% component requirement on wind turbines
10/19China's green policy lauded at UN climate summit
10/19China exchange to set voluntary carbon framework
10/19China mulls carbon tax to fend off US environmental levy on imports
10/19China on track to combat climate change
10/19China becomes world's largest energy producer
10/19China official warns on "too fast" nuclear plans
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