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08/23China closes factories as green deadline looms
08/18Shanghai may raise subsidies for green energy vehicles
08/17China may introduce alternative energy plan
08/16China Plans Regional Goals to Cut Carbon Emissions
08/13High energy-intensive products'tax rebates to be adjusted slightly in...
08/11National plan for energy-saving vehicles
08/10China makes rapid new energy strides
08/10Energy-intensive outdated capacity to be eliminated
08/09China Plans 5 Trillion Yuan New Energy Investment, Securities Journal...
08/04China may invest $14.8 bln in alternative-energy cars
07/28Shanghai to Submit Alternative Energy Vehicles Plan, Securities News...
07/22NEA drafts $735 bln alternative energy 10-year plan
07/21China may spend $738b on clean energy projects
07/06China Drafts Development Plan for Alternative Energy
07/01China OKs BYD, 15 others for green-car subsidies
06/24China to Cancel Tax Refund for Some Export Goods
06/24NDRC strengthens control over SNG project development
06/20NDRC to restrict energy supply and consumption
06/20China to cut energy use and emissions
06/17China to allocate CNY 2 billion for energy conservation
06/06China to Subsidize Energy-Saving Cars to Boost Sales
06/03China to subsidize hybrid, electric car purchases
06/03Jiangsu Province accelerates work on energy saving and emissions...
06/02Loans to energy-intensive industries to be curbed
05/25Taiwan to invest $1.4bn in green energy over next five years
05/25China overhauls natural-resource tax
05/25China Reiterates Resolve to Meet 5-Year Energy Intensity Goal
05/25Chinese transportation gets on the low-carbon track
05/13China ministries propose carbon tax from 2012 -report
05/12Government Experts Propose Levying Carbon Tax in 2012
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