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01/18China considering regional energy efficiency targets and electric...
01/07E-drive vehicle becoming focus of China’s auto industry
12/30Taiwan Government Plans Subsidies for Offshore Wind Turbines, Times Says
12/29Beijing to launch National 5 Emission Standards in 2012
12/28New rules to protect water, soil
12/23China looking to the sea and renewable marine resources
12/09China displays low-carbon efforts at special event in Cancun
12/09China key industries to grow 24% in 2011-15
12/03Chinese vice premier stresses ocean resources development, protection
12/03China May Ease Limits on Industrial Energy Usage
12/02Tibet enacts law to protect wetlands
11/29Demand-Side Management (DSM) Implementation Measures
11/25China to boost energy-saving industries
11/24China encourages fair play in developing green economy
11/24China presses for cleaner production
11/24China pushes to develop green economy
11/19U.S. Proposes Electric-Transmission Rule to Help Boost Wind, Solar Power
11/12China welcomes int'l tech cooperation in new energy sector
11/10China Plans Stricter Control of Dioxin
11/02Energy consumption to be kept below 4.2b tons of coal by '15
10/27Car tax law part of drive to promote clean energy
10/12China likely to raise wholesale power tariffs in some regions this month
09/28NDRC, MEP to fine 8 companies for SO2 emissions
09/28China to Introduce Tax Break for Alternative Energy Industry
09/27China eyes further energy saving in architecture
09/25China requires energy-use review before project approvals
09/17China to upgrade exports by boosting low-carbon sector
09/07China aims to increase hydropower 50 per cent by 2015
09/07China Uses Government Muscle to Take Global Lead in Fuel-Efficient Autos
08/29China Must up Nuclear Power Capacity to Hit Emissions Targets
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