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07/28Outpacing its green due, China pursues leadership in new energy...
07/28China Hikes 2011 Solar Power Target
07/24Shanghai Invests RMB 500M in Hi Tech, New Energy
07/24China Announces RMB 1T, 2020 Wind Target
07/24EU carbon reform proposals no threat to China: official
07/24China to boost use of renewable energy
07/24MOF and MOHURD to subsidize renewable energy construction in...
07/13Hohhot Aims to be Silicon, Solar Power Hotbed
07/13China to subsidize renewable energy buildings and projects
07/13China Boosts Energy-Saving Budget Amid Project Delays
07/13China Official stresses low-carbon economy for regional development
07/13China to expand nuclear power in new energy strategy
07/13China builds $17.6 billion wind project: report
07/13Dongbei Special targets wind power steel
07/13China considers higher renewable energy targets
07/13China's leadership to assess the performance of government officials...
07/13Developed countries' proposals to impose "carbon tariffs" on imports...
07/13China opposes trade protectionism under the guise of climate change
07/13China wind companies poised for green policy boost
07/13China says "carbon tariffs" proposals breach WTO rules
07/13China opposes imposing carbon tariffs on imported products
07/13China raises solar power target for 2011 to 2 GW
07/13China opposes US climate proposal
07/13China hikes 2011 solar power target
07/13China is planning for an installed nuclear power capacity of 86...
07/03China hikes 2011 solar power target
07/01Dunhuang PV Project Results Confirmed
07/01Jiangsu govt announces solar power subsidies
07/01China planning seven wind power bases to reach 2020 target
07/01China Plans To Build New Wind Farm In Northwest By 2020
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